Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Something Of Interest

This is asinine, ridiculous, and absurd! You have to consider this situation in totality with Democrats' ars-kissing of Hispanics with this Sotomayor nomination; their futuristic efforts toward passing immigration reform; their use to date of corrupt organizations such as Acorn to stuff ballot boxes; all toward the purpose of facilitating Democratic Party voter registration and the elections of Democrats. Additionally, Attorney-General Holder call all of us A NATION OF COWARDS concerning his interpretation of racial inequality. Americans elected Obama as the nation's first black president partially due to their misplaced historical guilt over the slavery issue, and Obama and liberals are taking full advantage of America's stupidity by expeditiously as possible placing POWER RE-DISTRIBUTION mechanisms in our culture in order to maintain their power base. Since monetary reparation for slavery isn't possible, Democrats' political power grabs are the next best thing. It amazing that Democrats screamed bloody-murder about the fictious voting irregularities against Republicans in 2000 in the state of Florida; but now are totally silent and unaware of these happenings.

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